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We provide you with a very competitive exchange rates so you can never look for other companies.

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Pay $0 Commissions

Unlike the bank or competitors, We are offering “no commission fees” to maximize your return.

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65+ Currencies Available

We buy and sell more than 65 + various global currencies as well as guarantee to stock international currencies.

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10 Min Money Transfer

We always aim for excellence through our services that are made just for you. Send or Receive in just 10 Minutes.

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Group Travel Money Deals

Are you looking for the best foreign exchange service provider for exchanging your money for a trip? If so, here is the Currency Exchange Fountain Gate which can help you in terms of exchanging your money. Currency Exchange Fountain Gate is Melbourne’s excellent non-bank provider which is highly dedicated and outstanding in providing the highest level of customer’s expertise and service in terms of foreign exchange.

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If you are one of the many people who are planning to travel abroad, the outstanding services that this non-bank provider give is the best option you can have. They are the best company because they know everything which makes your currency exchanging easier and more efficient. Aside from that, Currency Exchange Fountain Gate focuses on providing advanced market trends in order to give you give you the best offer you want for your life.

What are their Special Service offers for their Customers?

As a non-bank provider of the best currency exchanging, Currency Exchange Fountain Gate understands that you are looking for services which can offer you great prices. For this reason, with their services, you are guaranteed that all your expectations would be answered without any problem. There is no need to spend more of your time on searching and comparing as to which currency exchange provider has the best offer for you and which one you would choose. It is because here at Currency Exchange Fountain Gate, great offers are specifically offered for you.

Special Discounts for Groups

At Currency Exchange Fountain Gate, they also understand that your money is very important for you and that you do not want to lose it with nothing. If you would choose them, there is no need to worry about anything, because Currency Exchange Fountain Gate of currency exchange services is very much ideal to help those people who are travelling in groups such with their family and pilgrimage groups. For more convenient, they have a lot of special offers that are available for you.

$0 Commissions + Best Rates

For you to avail all their special offers, need to tell to them the numbers of people who are going to travel in group as well as the locations of the places you are going to travel into. Moreover, Currency Exchange Fountain Gate will be the one to handle your travel with ease and convenience. They are the best travel group company that will provide you the most effective services you are looking for. So you are rest assured to have great travel experience in your lifetime.

In addition, if you choose the company, special offers are provided for you. The thing that you only need to do is to contact them and their staff will be the one to handle your travel currency needs. With Currency Exchange Fountain Gate, everything is planned. If you are going to exchange your money for a travel trip, then this travel group company is the best choice for you.

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